<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/08/83/92/20/190408101112.jpg?t=1563441611"><br>BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION! THE best residential adaptive re&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&shy;use project in DTLA to date! 151 Live/Work units in the first historic condo building in South Park. Great variety of very attractive floor plans, with 11-&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&shy;14 feet ceilings, all with spectacular city views. Lowest HOA's in DTLA. Amazing amenities incl. rooftop sundeck, pool, spa, lounge chairs and cabanas, gym, theater and media room on the basement floor, beautiful lobby w/ front desk and security guard. Former home of the Western Costume Co est. 1924. Adjacent to the United Artists Theater and now also the Ace Hotel, 939 South Broadway was the largest costume rental house in the world, responsible for 99% of the costumes used in all Western movies in the early days of Hollywood. The building featured a drive-&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&shy;on elevator that would take cars to the rooftop parking lot and was the vision of big&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&shy;screen stars Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and the other partners of the United Artists studio. AGENTS SEE PRIVATE AND SHOWING REMARKS<br>